Petrol Injector Testing

Page updated 28-05-18

Turn-a-round times for testing & repairs is about 24hrs


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We are equipped for Bosch and Siemens Petrol HP injector testing.  This type of High Pressure Injectors are fitted to direct injection VAG and BMW engines.

Common problems are combustion error faultcodes and misfires with cold engines run at low speeds.

Some HP injectors suffer from ticking noises emanating from poor injector calibration or rail pressure sensor faults on HP common rail or metering supply problems at the high pressure pump rota head.

We are also equipped at our workshop for installation and re-coding replacment units.


We are equipped with a special test bench to prove this type of injector for mechanical and electronic functions.

Cost for testing is 25 per injector.


We are also equiped for rail testing simulation (on or off the car).  Cost for testing is 100 per rail.



Please note:  These direct injection petrol systems are very dependent on a very clean supply of fuel being delivered at the right pressure.  Plus sadly it is not unknown for HP pumps to break up fouling the system with debris.  We have seen many BMW's in our workshop with failed pumps that still run only giving minor fault codes.




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