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LS400 early models >94  ECU modules are very robust, most problems can be traced back to harness faults.  Airbag control modules situated behind centre console fail, mostly with intermittent faults which are difficult or near impossible to diagnose in situ.  Cambelt replacement is a real doddle only taking 3hrs, only problem is getting the front pulley off.  Most of the trade avoids this job, not sure why thou.

LS430 Instrument failure (dash).  We are able to test and repair these.  Common failure is complete loss of function (intermittent).

MR2 94-00 suffer overheating problems due to incorrect coolant bleeding. Hidden bleed nipple is positioned on heater matrix behind plastic cover hidden behind spare wheel.

Corolla 2.0D 97-99  2-CE  Denso VE injection pumps suffer seal/leak back problems.  This type of diesel pump costs a fortune to replace, repair is the only viable option. 

Lost keys.  We are now able to virginise pretty much any Toyota-Lexus ECU so if you have a customer who has lost his keys then I can set the ECU to accept more keys, something the main dealer cannot do without the master key.  We have secured software to repair the later LAW 59F ECU. This as you may know is failing all the time and I can repair the coil fault. 

As a matter of info:  We are able to virginise some but not all Daihatsu model ECU's.  We can also extract the SKC from most instrument clusters on VAG and from the engine ECU on the EDC15-- Range and the Motronic 7.1 / 7.5 series. 

Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2 TD 1993-1997 with the straight six cylinder 1HD engine and manual gearbox and standard front and rear diff locks.  Is probably the most capable standard 4x4 vehicle ever made.  Early Merc 300GD G-wagon, fitted with manual gearbox and the fragile Streyr transmission is a close second, not the later high spec-cost LWB V8 petrol engine models designed for far eastern oil princes.  Followed by Land Rovers Defender 90-110 with a 300Tdi engine.  Military spec 70 series Toyotas are also very good, they are still being made in South America, but the vehicles and parts are just not availible in Europe.  Oh...  If you want to go anywhere and you can afford the fuel, Merc Uni-Mogs and ex MOD TK 6-ton bedford trucks are the vehicle of choice.

Avensis 2.2 D4D D-Cat 09>  Suffer degrading fuel ecomony.  DPF fills up to very low saturation readings and the software just can't handle it.  Software updates are available, but It is rumoured in the trade, the update just gets rid of the MIL and causes poor starting.   Nice looking car, which drives well.  But I have pressed the average fuel button on them and seen readings of 27MPG.

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