Suzuki Common Faults


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Vitara  MPFI Fuel pressure regulators failThis item is not in self diagnostic cycle of the management light by the method shorting pins 2 & 3 on test terminal plug and viewing the management light for flash codes.  Imports with auto transmission always a problem with starter motor inhibitor switch.  O2 sensors work a very low voltage 0.1-1.0 volt

Grand Vitara 1.9D 2001 onwards are fitted with a Peugeot 406 HDI engines.  You may access the ECU for the purpose of faultcode reading, using Peugeot 406 software in order to read DTC’s and live data.  Any diagnostic equipment that works with a Peugeot 406 2001 onwards ECU, will work with this Suzuki.

Note:  Due to design and manufacturing defects, Mitsubishi Electric engine management ECUs fitted to many Mitsubishi models (model years 1992-1999) plus Suzuki Vitara and Hyundai Sonata, are failing very early in vehicle life.  This problem is widespread and secondhand ECUs are impossible to locate with new ECUs usually on back order with main dealers. WARNING:  ECUs for imported vehicles may not be available from UK or European dealers - if the ECU is damaged beyond repair the vehicle may be written off.  Please refer to warning below - if you have any suspicions about your Mitsubishi ECU.  If you have any of these symptoms it is vital that the ECU is attended to IMMEDIATELY as ANY delay can result in total loss of ECU. STOP USING THE CAR - REMOVE ECU TO STOP FURTHER DAMAGE. IF YOU HAVE TO MOVE CAR, PUSH IT! NEW ECUs COST OVER £600.00!
Common Symptoms include.  Erratic idle/stall at traffic lights/general poor running and starting problems which can be intermittent.  ONE injector ceasing to function.  Nonsense fault codes when code reader is connected.  Code reader will not communicate with the ECU.  The problem lies with the type of capacitors used, they are prone to damage from voltage spikes, jump starting & MIG welding.  Even the voltage spike from a starter motor has been known to blow one of these ECU’s.

Grand Vitara 2.0 2006 onwards suffer low biting on clutch pedal.  Bleeding this system up is a nightmare!  Seal failure at master cylinder can happen just by the bleeding process.  If you are quoting out a clutch, include the the price of the master cylinder from the main dealers.  Not availiable aftermarket.


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