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        The SMS740A is a battery powered hand-held automotive oscilloscope

        DC to 500kHz bandwidth

        True-RMS autoranging

        Auto setting for horizontal and vertical divisions

        Single or dual waveform display

        Component test for checking component signatures on sensors, actuators, electrical, ignition

        Optically isolated RS-232 interface for transferring measurement data and waveforms











Oscilloscope spec

Sample rate  20 Meg samples per second   

Record length  512 in single shot and glitch, 256 in all others   

Samples/ division  20   

Accuracy  0.01 %   

Sweep rate  1S to 1S in 1, 2, 5 sequence   

Bandwidth  500 kHz   

Resolution  8 bit   

Channels  1   

Input impedance  1.11 M   

Accuracy  3 %   

Max input voltage  1000 Vp-p   

Type  Internal   

Coupling  AC, DC, Glitch capture   

Sensitivity  2/20 division   

Memory  43 shot   

Multimeter spec

DC Voltage 
 Range 400mV - 1000V 
 Resolution 0.1mV - 1V 
 Accuracy 0.3% of reading 2 digits 

AC Voltage 
 Range 300mV - 750V 
 Resolution 0.1mV - 1V 
 Accuracy (0.75% + 5)
DC Current 
 Range 400A - 10A 
 Resolution 0.1A - 0.01A 
 Accuracy (0.5 to 0.75)% of reading 5 digits
AC Current 
 Range 300A to 10A 
 Resolution 0.1A to 0.01A 
 Accuracy (0.75 to 2)% (10 to 40)digits
 Range 400 to 30M 
 Resolution 0.1 to 0.01M 
 Accuracy 0.5% (5 to 10)digits
 Range 60 to 12000 
 Resolution 1rpm 
 Accuracy 2rpm
% Duty 
 Range 0.0 - 99.9% (30 to 19000rpm, pulse width 0.5mS)
 Range 0.0 - 356.4 (30 to 19000rpm, pulse width 0.5mS)
Pulse width 
 Range 0.2 - 1999.9mS (30 to 19000rpm, pulse width 0.5mS)
 Range 0.1 - 4000Hz (30 to 19000rpm, pulse width 0.5mS)   

This is only specifically made automotive oscilloscopes I would recommend for the beginner, or anybody who is unsure of the settings on a non-automotive scope, its a good simple tool, with a fair sized LCD screen for about 550ish (28-04-07) downside is it only has an analogue bandwidth of 500khz.  It has a pre-programmed memory and it is a third of the price of "big named scopes" from Snap-on (Sun), Sykes Pickavant, Mac, OTC, Bosch FSA450, Vetronix, Crypton or the discontinued Fluke 98-2 or Bosch PMS100.  But if you don't mind studying the subject of scopes and learning how to set one up.  You can find allot more scope for your money if you have 500 to spend.

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