Saab common ECU problems

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9-3  1998-03 2.2D TDi  suffer output problems from main ECU pin 91 to fuel pump module it should be 60hz at 900rpm, if any other value recorded, the module will need testing.  

9-5  1998-03 3.0  B308E engine code.  Suffer ABS problems with brake pedal position sensor wiring, fitted in the drivers foot well (RHD) the data link connector, is also positioned near to the sensor, you will get the warning light on, but extracting faultcodes will be unreliable.  The 3.0 V6 engine fitted to these models is the poor V6 offering from GM, so thus has all the associated faults.  Four cylinder offering far better bet, even HP turbo variants are easier to work on.

9-5 all models  All-in-one, cassette coil packs fitted to four cylinder models fail wholesale.  Most cars we have repaired need a new CAT due to contamination from un-burnt fuel entering them. 

9-5 all models  fitted with TCS suffer main control module failure.  Fault starts with TCS warning light intermittently illuminating, then the speedo stops working.  It may be the the 40 speedo sensor at fault but more than likely its the TCS control module.  These modules cost 1500 when new (28-04-07).  They can be tested and repaired for a fraction of the cost.

9-3 Aero later petrol models 02>  With PCM mounted to battery tray suffer from intermittent non start, recording relay faults and throttle Bank 1 faultcodes.  This is due to vibration damage and dry joints within the main ECU.

Late Saab Cabriolets electric roof mechanisms are over complicated & very, no extremely fragile.  Most faults we have investigated can be attributed to hydraulic problems not the electronic control gear.  Parts for repair have proved to be very expensive.

Saabs fitted with GM diesel engines 2.0/2.2 DI-DTL-DTH.  Beware of the engines fitted with the VP44 PSG16 pump!  Pumps fail wholesale, costing owners a fortune.

9000 Turbo/non Turbo 1988-93 fitted with BOSCH LH JETRONIC fuel injection system.  Symptom:  VEHICLE BREAKS DOWN ON ROAD OR FAILS TO START (No prior warning).  Breakdown is permanent with severe over fuelling. Diagnosis reveals injectors permanently energised whenever ignition is turned on.  This problem relates to internal actuator failure in the engine ECU.  A note of warning, we seem to have had allot of Saab 9000 auto gearbox problems in the workshop, exchange gearboxes cost the earth.  I think we have had-fitted, all the good secondhand ones in the UK, they take some finding now.

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