Renault Common Ecu Faults


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2.2DCi EDC Delphi systems suffer software problems.  Renault is being very quiet about this.  Uploading updated software at the main dealers, seems not to solve the problem.

1.5DCi EDC  Delphi systems suffer problems related to main pressure regulator.  Symptoms include engine cutting out, faultcodes logged point to pressure regulator failure.  When in fact fitting a new pressure regulator does not solve the problem.  Its a software fault.  Upgrades available at the main dealers, its rumored this solves the problem on a limited amount of early production cars.

Don't buy a common rail diesel Renault, unless its cheap.  If you are in the repair trade, don't commit yourself to any expensive parts or spend hours on diagnosis for customers.  You may never be able to fix the problem, whatever you do. 

Espace 2.2D 1999 onwards, clutch slave cylinder is a sealed type system conected to the master cylinder, parts cost over 220 plus it is a 5 hour job to enact, possibly the worst job in the trade!  Plus they are fitted with self destruct flywheels.  Best avoided (anything French with four wheels). 

Renault electric handbrakes.  Broken cables are a nightmare to correct.  Apart form the expence, the control unit sometimes fail when it has been used for a while with the cables broken.

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