Peugeot Common Failures

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306 1.4 / 1.8(16V) and 406 1.8(16V) models from 1997 to 2002 fitted with Sagem SL96 (3row 55pin) engine management ECU.  Suffer damage to internal idle control, caused by defective coils.  Replacing the ECU without replacing the coils will result in the new or repaired ECU failing within hours.

106 diesel XUD suffer from glowplug control box failure, check wax thymisterter fast idle control as well, they seize solid  (1.4D alloy block engines also crack cylinder heads, 1.5D cast iron block engine far better bet)

106 and 206 ECU's failing.  Marelli IAW8P series of ECUs causing erratic tick-over and stalling.

206 Intermittant misfire coming from No4 injector coil, where washer jet leaks on injector plug.  No4 being cambelt end of head (it's French).  Coil driver in ECU can get damaged.  Easy fix!

205 pre-96 models Marelli G5 & G6 suffer internal ignition actuator problems within the main ECU control module, the replacement PCB boards needed for the repair are getting hard to source.

1.6 HDi pak engines fitted to everything!  Suffer sump oil turbo feed problems, later engine codes have upgraded oil pick ups!  All these engines coke up and destroy turbos.  Hot side turbo rotas just explode which cause catostopic engine failure.

Later diesel engines with DPF (diesel particulate filters) suffer problems requiring regeneration or replacement.  It is now coming to light, there is programing issue, where once the problem has been logged, it is imposible to erase it without flashing the module.  We are equipped for the task.

BSi units fitted to all models.  Fail wholesale, loss of horn and side light functions are the most common failure.

406 1.8 1998-02  suffer intermittent ECU output problems from pin 16 to the throttle position sensor, only sure method of testing is with an oscilloscope.

406 2.0 1999-04  suffer intermittent ECU output problems from pin AD2 to idle control valve, scope voltages fluctuating between 11-14v should be recorded, should these not ramp with engine speed, suspect ecu output.

407 2.0 HDi all models with DW engine suffer ECM failure do to water (engine coolant ingress).  Coolant travels by capillary action into engine control module from the 2-pin yellow engine coolant switch connector.  Turbo charger adjusting rings seize also an these models!

HDi diesels fitted with EDC15C2-C3 can suffer logic chip problems which will cause injector pulse duration problems (too long).

Peugeot 2.1 diesel engines fitted in pre-HDI 406 cars and is fitted with the unreliable Lucas/Delphi EPIC injection pump which invariably resulted in big repair bills.

807 all models 02-05 suffer air-con problems, relating to air directional flaps not working, there is a upgraded software installation available.  But it is possible to re-initialise Air-con flaps by:  Running engine & press max demister button & wait 20 seconds & ensure ventilation is at full flow, then press auto button.

Peugeots fitted with Siemans diesel injection systems are rare but best avoided.  They have been known to catastrophically fail in under 20.000miles.  Which is OK if you are within the warranty period, heart breaking if not.  You may well need a new pump, injectors and all associated pipe work, plus the fuel tank cleaned out to remove all contamination, to rectify this failure.  Cost could well exceed 3500 (12-11-07).  This system is also fitted to late registration Kia Sedona 2.9 diesels.  Which is a worse proposition to repair, as the shape of the fuel tank excludes any chance of cleaning it out properly. 

Note:  All early common rail diesels suffer injector seal leaks (difficult to diagnose).  Plus we have had a few with failed injector solenoids.  When a diesel ECU logs injector faultcode problems.  It is impossible to tell which injector is at fault.  Unless you have a four channel oscilloscope.  We can test & rebuild individual and sets of common rail diesel injectors. Symptoms are system shutdown (too high/low pressure) or erratic idle with a slight knock when you raise revs.  Actuators are a common failing on the Bosch EDC diesel pump range.

Parts for pre-2000 HDi 15C ECU modules are proving very difficult to obtain now, but not impossible.  Plus not all ECU repairers will be equipped to test this module.

Diesel engines fitted to Peugeot/CitroenI XUD7/9 turbo and non turbo.  Possibly the first diesel engine to be considered acceptable for car use as at the time it was reasonably quiet and powerful and also very good for economy, indeed many past clients state far better mpg for this older engine than the HDI.  Cam belt replacement at the correct intervals is essential.


The worst visual 1.6 hdi problem yet, turbo failed and the hot gasses melted the plastic intake manifold.


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