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D22 diesel engines suffer from noisy upper cam chain tensioner guides.  We have replaced several now.  Autodata CD2 has a good drawing of the camchain and timing marks.  The guide is not too expensive 125 +Vat ish.  It's not such a bad job to do!   (13-09-08)

Primera P12 2002-08 if you replace a faulty diesel HP injection pump, you will need to have the ECU settings reset, or it will go into limp mode giving "rail pressue faults".  It must be noted if you keep using it, it will reset itself in the end thru its stop start cycle.

Micra 1997-2003 petrol engines suffer wear in the Hitachi throttle body.  Exchange units are available.

Nissan Micra K10 and K11 engines are some of the most simple and reliable engines ever made.  But the replacement K12 has got to be one of the worst evolutions ever in the history of engine design.  If you ever concider replacing the cylinder head gasket.  Hold this thought, you need to remove the gearbox to remove the sump to remove the side chain cover.  I am not joking!


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