Mitsubishi common ECU failure symptoms


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Mitsubishi EVO  We can repair damage to modules which have been poorly chipped and up-rated.  Mostly over-current damage to ignition actuators & protection diode failure.

Mitsubishi Shogun 91-00 2.5 & 2.8D Turbo diesel (UK+imports)  After starting from cold within 10 minutes the engine cuts out, once restarted runs fine, cause: Pump seal failure.

Pajero & Galant imports.  We have in stock, many PCB for major repairs to these modules, we are able to order most parts for repair (some parts may take 10days to arrive thou).

Galant 97-03 2.0 MFI-S suffer ECU output problems to throttle position sensor, output voltage should 5V from Pin 81

Shogun D4d 03>on  Clutches fail.  £1500 for just the dual mass flywheel plus the price of a clutch kit.  Just avoid them, if its your money.  Actual job of replacement is not a problem.

2.8 Turbo (4M40) diesel engine.  Although a thirsty engine it proves to be virtually indestructible.  Plenty of torque making it ideal for towing purposes.  Fitted with VE type pump, thou pump seals prone for giving issues.  May lack the power compared to the newer 2.5/3.2 DiD but more reliable and less costly to put right.

All early Mitsubishi models.  Due to design and manufacturing defects, Mitsubishi Electric engine management ECUs fitted to many Mitsubishi models (model years 1992-1999) plus Suzuki Vitara and Hyundai Sonata, are failing very early in vehicle life.  This problem is widespread and secondhand ECUs are impossible to locate with new ECUs usually on back order with main dealers. WARNING: ECUs for imported vehicles may not be available from UK or European dealers - if the ECU is damaged beyond repair the vehicle may be written off. Please refer to warning below - if you have any suspicions about your Mitsubishi ECU.  If you have any of these symptoms it is vital that the ECU is attended to IMMEDIATELY as ANY delay can result in total loss of ECU. STOP USING THE CAR - REMOVE ECU TO STOP FURTHER DAMAGE. IF YOU HAVE TO MOVE CAR, PUSH IT! NEW ECUs COST OVER £600.00!

Common Symptoms

1. Erratic idle/stall at traffic lights/general poor running and starting problems which can be intermittent.
2. ONE injector ceasing to function.
3. Nonsense fault codes when code reader is connected.
4. Code reader will not communicate with the ECU.

The problem lies with the type of capacitors used, Mitsubishi used less than top quality ECU Capacitors for several years.  They are prone to damage from voltage spikes, jump starting & MIG welding. Even the voltage spike from a starter motor has been known to blow one of these ECUís.





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