Mis-Fueling Diesel Engines

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  Injector gave way!

  So did the piston!

  So did the axle rota in the pump! 


Neat petrol has no lubricant in it, it acts as a solvent, it burns at higher temperatures in a compression ignition engine.

Don't mix petrol with diesel fuel in concentrations above 10%, if you do add mineral two stroke oil to prevent "washing" and subsequent damage.  Never-never add it to a common rail diesel injection system.  The pressures involved will turn your injectors into cutting tools which will damage pistons.

140.000 people a year fill there diesel cars up with petrol in the UK, men are the worst offenders, in Europe the figures are worse as they run more diesel cars.

The AA charge excising members of over one years membership 186.00 to drain fuel systems and non members 299.00 for the same job.  This is just the cost of ascertaining if you have done any damage due to miss-fueling.  Common rail pumps and injectors can run into thousands of for replacement.

Its so common, Audi UK (VAG) have a program to run on their dealer diagnostic tool, to check relevant compression from starter motor current to diagnose holes in piston crowns, due to the higher temperature of petrol melting the pistons.

Personally I can't understand why fuel delivery nozzles were not made the other way round for size from the start.  Reason being, if you fuel a petrol engine with diesel, the silicon additive in diesel will wreck your cat, slowly but surely.  But if you fuel your diesel with petrol, the petrol will wreck your injection system and the engine.  Its impossible to fuel a petrol engine car at the pump with diesel due to nozzle size.   Why....? 

Even talking pumps only warn you of diesel is about to be discharged.  The real fear is not putting diesel into petrol engine but putting petrol in a diesel...

Now we have this system of nozzle sizes, with millions of cars on the road in the UK, nothing is going to change.

Its an expensive mistake to fuel a modern common rail injected car with unleaded petrol.  Simply don't do it.  You have been warned.




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