Mazda common ECU failure symptoms


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MX5  UK spec cars will connect to Autocheck 4000, WDS 99 Testbook-4 or some Ford IDS-FDS diagnostic testers, some imports do not have a diagnostic connector and thus cannot be subjected to electronic diagnosis.  Also UK spec M X5's have rear screen heater harnesses fitted as standard, imports do not.

All early Mazda cars fitted with Mitsubishi Electric electronic distributors are prone to breakdown caused by electronic failure of distributor. We can rebuild some types but in most cases we will need to see the distributor before quoting for a rebuild.  Vehicle suffers breakdown when engine warms up. Usually this starts as a rare occurrence but gets worse with time. Breakdown services diagnose breakdown caused by loss of spark. Vehicle usually restarts when allowed to cool down.  If possible, try to confirm that vehicle breakdown is due to loss of spark by connecting test spark plug as soon as possible after breakdown.  If no spark, check security of all wiring associated with distributor and ignition system.  Look for cracked or damaged wiring.  Note that some immobiliser systems operate by inhibiting ignition system.  Immobiliser system may be suspect if there is a history of intermittent non-start rather than break down when vehicle is actually being driven.

323F 1999-2003  Petrol models suffer from low fuel pressure due to premature wear in the intank fuel pump, pump stall pressure should be over 5 bar.

Mazda 5 Diesels suffer HP pump and injector failures due to poor service schedules, diesel filter never gets changed because it is such a nasty job to do it!

Mazda Rotary Engines  We are equipped in our workshop for compression testing!

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