LPG Auto-Gas Conversions

Page updated 28-05-18

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With the rising price of vehicle fuel.  Converting to LPG once looked so appealing.  We have fitted hundreds of LPG kits to customers cars-taxis-vans-4x4's at our workshop in King's Lynn.

In the early days of LPG conversions, we sourced LPG kits from Italy, reason being Italy was the only place we could source a range of kits for the applications required . 

We now only quote for LPG system repairs (we do not fit complete kits).

We are equipped and very experienced in solving running problems and leaks.

LPG conversion is primarily about fuel cost saving.  But another major consideration is availability-cost of spare parts to maintain the conversion.  We regularly do diagnostic work to vehicles with kits not fitted by us, only to find we are unable to source the parts to correct the diagnosed fault.  Thus we only fit kits from well known makers with a local supplier.

LPG kits bought on the cheap from un-established manufacturers may seem cheap with the low initial purchase price, but in time when they go wrong and you can't get a spare parts because the manufacturer is no longer trading.  The cost saving may have been false...

We also recommend and sell BRISK sparkplugs for use with LPG converted vehicles.


We also test and repair some LPG kit control modules!  Please ring with your application.  So we can confirm if we have the test program in house!



WTV - UK is a good source of interface kits and Brisk sparkplugs.