Kia Common Failures

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Late registration Kia Sedona 2.9 diesels fitted with Siemens diesel injection systems are best avoided.  They have been known to catastrophically fail in under 20.000miles.  Which is OK if you are within the warranty period, heart breaking if not.  You may well need a new pump, injectors and all associated pipework, plus a fuel tank.  As the shape of the fuel tank excludes any chance of cleaning it out properly, to rectify this problem.  Cost could well exceed 3500 (12-11-07) if the vehicle is outside the three year - 60.000mile warranty.


Kia Sedona 2.9 CDTi 2006>   Fitted with (VQ) vehicles with J2.9 engine can exhibit an abnormal noise originating from the engine oil pan.  This is due to balance idler gear wear on No1 main crankcase cap.  We have engineered a machined solution to rectify this problem.  Please contact us for more info.   (18-01-13)   info link

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