Honda common ECU failure symptoms


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Accord 2.0 1998-03 suffer output problems from the ECU ex pin8 to crankshaft position sensor, you are looking for a waveform with an amplitude of 2v over a time base of 20ms, long scope runs stored then re-run should highlight this very hard to find fault, it may take hours to find the blip & it may not be enough of a blip for the ECU to run from the cam sensor in default or log a faultcode via serial data.

VTEC control modules suffer intermittent faults, which are difficult to diagnose, via OBD1-2

ALL early HONDA FUEL INJECTION MODELS (esp. Civic and Accord - all years)  Intermittent poor or non start. REPLACE fuel injection system relay!  Honda Prelude fitted with electronic 4 wheel steering are coming to our attention for fail with the following symptoms;  1. 4 wheel steering check/warning light illuminates continuously and 4 wheel steering does not operate (rear wheels REMAIN STRAIGHT AHEAD under all vehicle operating conditions). Vehicle fails annual MOT test. Initially this would be an intermittent fault condition. Sometimes has fault code 44.  1. Check for failure to maintain a consistent steering wheel angle when driving straight ahead with steering sensor fault code 25. This is NOT an ECU fault if driver has to correct steering when driving straight ahead. This fault is most probably caused by steering or suspension bush collapse.

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