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All fords fitted with can-bus have problems with ribbon type cable's.  Later paired white twisted wire, has proved more reliable.

Ford Fiesta/Courier 1.3 95-02 EEC-V suffer ECM data-link output problem voltages should be (Pin 17 0.5V, Pin 18 5V, Pin 19 0V)

Ford Endura DE-Di Diesel engines car/vans can suffer glowplug control & loss of post-heating function.  Control boxes can be tested & repaired.

Ford Transit 2000 onwards Dual mass clutch, failing wholesale very expensive 250+ for the clutch kit, book time for fitting is only 2hrs ICME-Autodata.  I can't do it, in this time thou. (12-10-06)

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi 2006> suffer intermittent electric power steering failures, pump packs up slowly, loosing pressure, debris from pump blocks non removable gauze filter in power steering reservoir, causing fluid starvation.  Symptoms come and go as the debris moves about.  Rumour in the trade there is a software problem on fitting new pumps.  It has been reported on the internet, several dealers have failed on installation and refitted the old pumps!  The 2.0 TDCi is the only model fitted with this type of electro-hydraulic pump.  We have removed and cleaned out the reservoir for a customer, we did get function back, the steering was still a bit stiff due to low pump pressure.  As we did not see the car again, I don't know if it was a lasting cure?

Ford TDCi systems (all years)  Delphi HPCR.  Suffer from injector failure.  Faultcodes P0251 P1211 P2291 P2288 P0200 & the more common P0325 knock sensor fault as one cylinder is over-fueled.  Each injector costs about 200 each and about 100 to code up and fit.  Coding on post 2003 vehicles is not too much of an issue.  (07-01-07)

TDCi system fuel pumps can fail due to worn high pressure rollers failing, flashing glowplug light and faultcodes P0109 P0191 P1211 P2288 P2291.   Revised build code 2S fuel pump has been fitted since 03/02, this is believed to have cured this fault.  On replacement flush fuel tank out as recycled abrasive debris will destroy the expensive new fuel pump. 

Ford Duratorq-TDDi 2.0 - 2.4  Engine cuts out will not restart, cause: Injection pump failure.  Faultcodes relating to CAN, pump requesting reduced fueling, timing errors!   Should you attempt the job of changing the pump, you must get the timing tool to do the job, it only costs 75 from Lazer Tools (part number 4066) it comes with the correct length Torx 45 key to release the pump mount bolts.  Once the 9mm pins are inserted, the tool holds the timing chain sprocket and chain in position, negating the need to strip the engine mount, timing cover and timing chain.  One of the best labour saving service tools we have ever bought.  Plus it will work on Mondeo's fitted with Duratorq engines.

Mondeo MK4  2007> 2.0 TDCi  Are a real pig to bleed up after a diesel filter change.  Filter is mounted under the car above the axle.  When you drain down the filter, you subsequently drain the whole engine pipe work down.  Always lubricate the plastic filter housing thread with Vaseline, braking the housing is very expensive option, Vaseline is cheap.  The only way to bleed the system up is to buy a Schrader, air line type fitting and suck the diesel out of the top fuel pipe in the engine bay.  I have made a special tool up, using a tyre filling adapter and a in line fuel pump with a one way valve in it.  I have seen Facet type electric fuel pumps used for this job before!

Mondeo MK4  2007> 2.0 TDCi  Fitted with Peugeot DV10 engines suffer from bottom pulley bolt failure.  When fitting or refitting cambelts.  We have seen several in our workshop with worn crankshafts.

Focus models from 1999 to 2003 with endura 1.8 Di engine one of the best cheap cars ever made, except for rusting on lower doors.  I can replace a cambelt in 20 minutes.  Avoid petrol estate models, they eat in-tank fuel pumps

Duratorq-TDCi 2.0L & 2.2L (Puma diesel) Caution: The fuel system on this vehicle is designed to prevent the fuel tank being run dry.  When the fuel tank reaches a preset limit after the low fuel warning indicator has been illuminated, the engine will be made to run rough to indicate very low fuel level.  Failure to refill the fuel system at this time, will result in severe damage to the fuel injection components if the fuel system is allowed to run dry.  This process is "called limited operating strategy".

Transit 2.5 Di engine is the best ever fitted in a Ford Transit.  Although lacking the punch of it's replacement (DuraTorq and TDCI) it is far more reliable and far less costly to maintain.  Engines of 1994 onwards generally had a Bosch injection pump.  Beware of the 2.5 Dl Turbo as it is fitted with the unreliable Epic injection pump.

All late TDCi engines 2007> suffer inlet metering valve problems on the HP pump.  If the valve is playing up, you will need a pressure rail and switch plus a pump learn via Delphi 150E or Ford IDS.  The only vehicle in whole the range that has a rail pressure switch and a burst valve you can change without buying a whole rail is the Transit.

Mondeo-Escort  Internal injection pump bearings collapse resulting in metal particles blocking advance solenoid. Symptom: blue/grey smoke at idle, lumpy/uneven idle speed

Galaxy CAN-BUS systemsGalaxy ABS modules fail, they can be tested, but any repair to these modules may prove to be unreliable.

VW Sharan or Galaxy fitted with VW 2.8 V6 auto suffer cam-chain breakages at 80-90.000 miles.  Even if not broken, the chain replacement job takes 16-18 hours of labour, and a minimum of 400 of parts.  As the chain is at the wrong end of the engine, which means the engine & gearbox has to come out, as one unit, then split on the floor!  Vile job to be avoided, I've done three & will never do another.  (12-10-06)

Late 2008> Galaxy 2.0 TDCi fitted with electric/hydraulic power, suffer power steering rack and pump failures.  Pump is a programmable item.  It is coming to light Ford dealerships are having problems programming up these units. 

Ford KA are prone to the sparkplugs snapping off, leaving the thread in the head.  We have managed to remove the broken threads with a large square easy-out type extractor, after punching the remaining porcelain into the cylinder chamber.  Don't forget to hoover out debris before restarting the engine.  Always lubricate plug threads on KA's with heat proof grease, for obvious reasons....  We now do not change sparkplugs as part of KA service at our workshop, but book it in as a separate job after warning the customer of the risks, the problem is getting worse as the cars get older.  Threadserts are a solution but expensive, helicoils just come out when you remove the plug again. 

Probe Electronic Distributor Failure  Ford Probe (V6 and 4 cylinder) and Mazda cars fitted with Mazda V6 engines use the Mitsubishi Electric electronic distributor which contains both pick ups and ignition coil drive electronics. This distributor has a very high failure rate but can now be re-engineered by using more robust and higher rated components which survive the adverse events which are causing current failures.  Symptoms:  1. Vehicle breaks down at any time without warning. Breakdown services diagnose loss of ignition spark.  2. There can be a history of intermittent breakdown - car starts and runs OK but cuts out when hot. Restarts OK when engine begins to cool down.  3. Intermittent failure to start from cold (but car runs ok once started) MAY be security system failure.  Diagnostic checklist: 1. Vehicle history of intermittent breakdown when warm is the most reliable indicator of distributor failure.  For distributor repair quotation please email.  The entire distributor assembly (remove cap and rotor) should be dispatched to us. This should be packed in a strong cardboard box with adequate packaging. If the rotor is seized in place do not try to force off - please leave it us to remove as we have the right tools. Also mark position of distributor body with scratch mark before removal. This allows precise ignition timing when refitting distributor.

Mk5 Escort & Cabriolets   Engines dies when selecting reverse gear, engine idling.  Cause maybe voltage crossover (corrosion or damp) in rear light multi-connector in boot.  Some rare 130PS early Zetec engines fitted to Mk5's use the rear brake lights as an input to the ECU for engine deceleration.  This set up, invariably is not illustrated on any available wiring diagrams.  But if you find a bit of cabling from this plug, to the ECU.  If the pinout on the ECU connected, has about 0.5ohm to earth resistance.  Its likely your car is fitted with this function!

Jaguar  It is now rumored thru the trade, with the purchase by Ford, Ford UK has dropped all electronic support for non-production models.  It looks like even if they will sell you an ECU for an XJ6 from their parts-bin, they may not be able to code it up for you.

Jaguar X-Type 2.0D 03-06  MIL warning light illuminated but no faultcodes stored, probable cause is positive cable from alternator has melted thru on the turbo heat shield.

Jaguar TDCi systems (all years)  Delphi HPCR.  Suffer from injector failure.  Faultcodes P0251 P1211 P2291 P2288 P0200 & the more common P0325 knock sensor fault as one cylinder is over-fueled.  Each injector costs about 200 each and about 100 to code up and fit.  Having to 'code' injectors into the ECU with the intention of creating more money for the dealerships is about as underhand as it gets.  (07-01-07)

How to remove Mk4 Courier Van rear lower shock absorber spigot without a special Ford service tool.  Remove wheel, brake drum & brake back plate, to allow access to 8mm hole in radius arm, remove M10 spigot retaining bolt with 15mm socket & force/cut old shock absorber & rubber off the spigot, grind flat on inner side of spigot to aid drilling, centre punch then drill 6mm hole thru the side of the spigot, slide a 6mm bolt thru hole.  Using a 200mm piece of 8mm bar thru spigot from the brake drum side of the radius arm.  Punch out spigot with 2lb+ hammer against the inserted 6mm bolt.  Some heat may need to be applied.  Grease new spigot, for obvious reasons....

Fiesta Mk4  It is impossible to renew the clutch with the sub-frame still attached.  It is possible to wiggle the gearbox out of the way enuf to renew the hydraulic concentric thrust bearing without removing the sub-frame.  If you have to remove the sub-frame, use two short 20mm lengths of pipe in the aligning holes to refit the sub-frame back into the correct position.  This saves buying the alignment tool from Sealey for 30ish.  Early Mondeos will need the sub-frame removed for any clutch work.

Late 1.0 Eco boost engines.  Suffer exhaust mainifold failures (built into the head).  Bottom crank bolt is torqued up to 750nm, so forget undoing them with a 3/4 airgun, it just will not happen!  Dealers remove driveshaft and use a torque multiplier and regularly break the crankshaft bolt.  So you can spend hours die grinding the broken bolt out.  Only other option is a new engine!

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