Fiat common faults


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Stilo 2001-04 1.9JTD 115 EDC15C7  Suffer data-link output problems from the main multifunction unit.

Bravo, Brava & Marea 1.8 16V 1995 - 2000  Engine will not  start or runs roughThe Hitachi MPI ECU systems fitted to the Bravo, Brava & Merea are already showing signs of having common faults with the ECU.

Early Bravo speedos are known to fail at the 50-60.000 mile mark.  Lots were replaced within warranty or shortly afterwards at the owners expense.  So... Beware buying low mileage Bravos, these cars could have done 50-60k more than the clock displays.  

Note:  Most Fiats seem to hate their own keys.  A lot of the problems appear to be key code mismatch fault where the ECU loses the key code and will not run the engine. we can supply these units coded to the vehicle or independent of the immobilizer system, meaning they can be plugged straight in.  The small box next to the ignition keyswitch is not coded on most models.  Freerunning modules, for this make of car cost a fortune due to price of parts.  Most cost effective solution is to repair the module in question.

Coupe >2001  If the battery is left disconnected for any length of time.  The keycode light may illuminate, requiring the red master key to turn it off.  Should you not be in possession of the red master key, you will need to do a system change i.e. purchase and change the main ECU and keycode box (no need to change the doors locks thou).  Blank master keys are available from Fiat but programming them is a nightmare with a very-very low success rate.  Keycode box costs 122.39 and an ECU is 528.90 exchange from the main dealers.  It is possible to swap the internal chips about in keys & modules in secondhand units, to make a matching set without the need for programming.  Simply put, don't buy a Fiat coupe without the master key!

Later Fiat ECM setup  It is possible that certain makes of spark plug blow one of the two coils fitted, this in turn causes the ECM fail.  To set up a new ECM first fit the new plugs, coil & ECM, and start the engine. If the engine fault light is still flashing and there's no fault stored, it is because the phonic wheel needs programming.  In order to program the phonic wheel first start the engine and let it run at idle until the engine is at full operating temperature.  Once the cooling fan has cut in and out the vehicle is ready for programming. Rev the engine till at least 5,000rpm and then let it return to idle, do this 3 times then the light should go out.

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