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Due to the success and the over subscription of previous courses.  We are now taking bookings for diagnostic training days to be held at our repair workshop in King's Lynn, Norfolk. 

EDC & Common Rail Diesel system integration and diagnostic testing.  All six courses for 2020 are now cancelled.  Sundays 10am - 4pm.  Course content to include, diesel engine electronic management theory, hands on system testing & fault finding using, serial data and oscilloscopes.  Candidates of this course must be able to demonstrate an above basic understanding of automotive electronic control systems over the phone prior to being excepted on to the course.  This course is designed for up-to-date technicians working in the trade.  Maximum candidates per group is limited to six.  Tea and bacon sandwiches will be served at 9.30am.  Course kicks off, exactly at 10am.  A light buffet lunch will be served 1-1.20pm.  This is a very fast moving, very informative high tech lecture!  No seating or distracting handouts will be provided & you will not have time to take notes.  After an initial high pace theory talk on EDC system control, lasting about an hour.  Candidates will then move between a 8ft x 4ft system wiring diagram & a vehicle with induced faults and will then proceed using an open question and answer forum, to diagnose and cure the induced faults.  It is the knowledge gained from the theory learnt, that will solve the problems, not the equipment used.  We will finish the session with a VP44 pump "autopsy".  Note:  Dresscode is safety shoes & workwear.  No vegetarian option will be offered for bacon sandwiches and the buffet.  We offer a very friendly & informal learning atmosphere but you could be told to "shut up" if you talk or chatter too much.  If you can arrange a lift home, all previous EDC courses culminated in a trip to the local pub for beer, when we finished at 4pm.  I always buy the first round!  Cost 595 per person.  Please, no block bookings from the military, dealership networks or the major recovery services.  These courses are run by a specialist, who wants to pass on his knowledge to the independent garage trade. 

Automotive diagnostic testing using oscilloscopes.  Saturdays 1pm - 4pm.  This course is open to anybody who has bought or interested in buying an oscilloscope for automotive testing.  It is whole morning of sensor testing theory and waveforms, for sensors fitted to petrol and diesel engine management systems.  The morning will finish with a live demonstration of breakout adapters, amp & ignition clamps used with Velloman, Fluke & Pico oscilloscopes on a 2012 BMW 328i (2.0ltr turbo).  Tea and coffee will be served half way thru the morning.  Maximum candidates per group is limited to six, this being the maximum amount of people who can view an engine bay and laptop screen simultaneously.  No seating will be provided & you will be standing for the practical demonstration.  Dresscode is smart casual as you won't be required to touch anything or get dirty.  Cost 295 per person.  All six courses for 2020 are now cancelled.

Electro Hybrid System intergation.  Evenings 7pm-10pm.  Cost 295 per person.  All six courses for 2020 are now cancelled

Common rail injector testing and replacement.  Evenings 7pm-10pm.  We are now taking preliminary bookings for this new course.  Course content includes, rail pressure testing, leak off testing and coil amp scope testing.  Injector removal techniques to include injector dismantling.  Commissioning theory.  If time allows we at the end of the course, we will also show you some methods and equipment to remove and recover threads after snapping glow plug off when attempting removal.  Cost 295 per person.  All six courses for 2020 are now cancelled

Back by popular demand.  Locking wheel nut removal.  Times to be arranged.  Simple solutions to this industry standard problem.  Two hour practical demonstration on how to remove locking wheel nuts without any expensive tools or damage to customers expensive wheels.  Learn how to do it, go back to your own workshop start earning money.  Cost 195 per person.

The above are adult learning courses.  All candidates must be 18 yrs or older.  Course dates will be arranged when demand is known.  Book early, as all the places went very quickly for the EDC sessions.  Full payment for course fees will be required when booking.  email me to book your place....

Other training courses.  Most of the automotive training industry is run by people who sell automotive diagnostic equipment.  They also sell training on how to use their products.  Companies like Pico who sell very good equipment and offer very good training courses on how to use it.  We offer a different option, our main business is the testing and repair of automotive control units.  We understand how the systems fitted to cars work and how to test them.  Our training is focused on system fault finding not expensive diagnostic equipment.  So if you have any other training needs relating to automotive electronics not listed above.  We would be happy to talk about them....

In 2013 I went to Afganistan to teach digital communications engineers how to field repair diesel generators.  Afganistan has the biggest growth of mobile phone infrastructure in the world. 


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