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Common Rail HDi Peugeot & Citroen in tank fuel pumps fail causing starting and fueling failures.

BSI - Multi function units - all models.  Water ingress from the windscreen seal causes failure over time with these units.  Symptoms include, non-start, lockout, intermittent ghost like activation of lights, wipers, door lock solenoids even with the key removed.  These units are can-bus and need programming up, if new unit is purchased.  Low cost repair is possible on about 50% of these modules.

C15 2000-04 suffer glowplug breakage, use Champion CH170 plugs not Bosch 0 250 202 032 recommended (they are made of stronger stuff) duration time is 16 seconds max, load is 11Va

AX 1.4 diesels with alloy engine block, not the superior 1.5 with cast iron block.  Have weak cylinder heads, prone to warping/cracking.  Avoid head gasket replacement as it may be the block that is warped.

Xantia (up to 1997) and XM Diesel (1996 on)  The ATE "antiblocage de roue" ABS ECU (identification number below) fitted to  is now causing many problems with vehicles failing annual MOT or roadside safety tests because of ABS failure.  Symptoms:  1) ABS warning light REMAINS ON at all times. This means the ABS system has switched off and the antilock function is NOT operating. The brakes continue to operate with ABS ECU fault (or ECU removed) but remember the ABS function is not operating and wheel lock-ups can occur with heavy brake applications, especially on wet or icy roads.  Diagnostic checklist:  1) Check ECU identification number. Affected ECUs are ATE Controllers part numbers 10.0943-0202.4 / 10.0943-0203.4 / others / on printed WHITE label.  2) Confirm ABS light remains on after starting engine. An ABS light that goes out then comes on WHILST driving away indicates ABS sensor problem.

Citroen C5 fitted with Bosch 385R6 or Citroen 596001 sparkplugs, to remove  these sparkplugs you will need a super long spline plug socket.  Laser tools cheapest option I could find, part number: 3949.  Citroen service tool costs the earth.

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