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A bit about myself... My name is Peter & I am forty years old (ish) and have been involved in the motor repair trade for over twenty years, My main employment is, as a self-employed auto electrician, offering auto diagnostic services to the trade and the repair of Electronic Control Modules & EDC diesel pumps to the trade & public via this website.

I have owned and repaired BMW motorbikes for over twenty years.  I am very interested in the simplicity and longevity of these vehicles.  If you own a BMW motorbike and live close to King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 3DF.  I would be prepared to undertake selected repairs & servicing work, weekends at my home address, for a negotiable hourly rate (best terms for cash!).

At my home workshop I am very well equipped for this type of work and would assist any interested owner/enthusiast with DIY repairs, servicing & restoration on their own premises.  By offering paid physical help & tools or just free advice.  After repairing my present & previous BMW's I have found some reliable sources for used parts & the cheapest suppliers for new bits.

Also I would undertake BMW gearbox repairs by return of post.

Gearbox Reconditioning  K-series  R-series  (4-speed, 5-speed & Paralever twins)

Normal turnaround time is 10 working days.

Labour charges:

Complete bearing & seal replacement & re-shimming  100.00 no vat

As above & repairs to blown up/broken gearboxes  120.00 no vat

Inspection charge (only for gearboxes not repaired by us)  40.00 no vat

Return of gearbox by insured carrier  10.00 no vat

Part prices:

Gasket kits with oil seals

All K-series  20.56 inc vat

All Twins 1981 on (not paralever)  19.09 inc vat

Paralever twins  24.08 inc vat

All 1975-80 (5-speed)  19.97 inc vat

All 1970-73 (4-speed)  19.09 inc vat

Gearbox bearings

All K-series (except K1200) Complete bearing kit  74.01 inc vat

K1200 Price on application (I will try to get the parts at a competitive price?) email me

Please email for prices of parts for late model (1999 and above) gearbox repairs, labour charges are about the same, but parts prices vary allot depending on age and model.  BMW main dealer exchange price for a 1100GS gearbox is 1395.00 +vat  (I too, nearly fell over!).  Some pattern parts are now becoming available.  Dismantling and assembling later gearboxes are no more complicated than the older ones.   

5-speed all twins /6 on. Complete bearing kit (six bearings)  69.32 inc vat

4-speed /5 1970-73. Complete bearing kit (bearings + first gear bush)  89.08 inc vat

Kick start conversions available at extra cost email me

All gears/shafts/springs/forks/index rollers/baffle plates/neutral switches (price on application)

All gearbox and parts are covered by our normal three month guarantee.

Remember to drain all the oil from your gearbox, pack it well (wrap in a sealed bin-bag inside the box, my Postman hates oil) and insure it at the Post Office (Royal Mail standard parcel service recommended).

Post to the following postal address:  

P.Remmington. Auto-Tec, Unit 7 Austin Fields Ind. Est.  King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1PH

Please note: We are able to test & repair BMW motorbike electronic control modules.

Overland trips.  We can provide ideas and practical assistance, in the preparation of BMW motorbikes for trips.  Spares, plans for lightweight DIY fabricated tire bead breakers, one off welding jobs for racks/carriers and gearbox/driveshaft overhaul.  Twin sparkplug conversions & fitting.  Advice on spares kits.

Wheel building.  Need a set of wheels building, for a super-moto.  Need the hubs swapped from one rim to another to fit a bike.  I can do it.  If you supply the spokes, rims, rim tape, tyres, tubes & hubs.  I can make up and balance them.  As a matter of interest I've made up & trued, loads of 700c bicycle wheels, for racing & special touring bikes.  Plus lots of one off's for recumbent cycles and extra spoke-ed tandem wheels, in a array of differing sizes.  There seems to be a shortage of skilled people in Norfolk, Suffolk & Camb's to do the job.  If any anybody wants to learn how to do it, I would be happy to show them.  It's not the "Black Art" people make it out to be.  With a bit of tuition, anybody can do it.

Collecting & moving motorbikes about.  One of our trade customers, based in King's Lynn, Norfolk.  Owns a VW diesel caddy pickup truck, equipped with a ramp & ratchet straps for the safe transportation of motorbikes.  So if you have bought a bike off eBay & need it collecting or just want a bike moved about.  Try ringing Stewart on 07810 463364.  We have an old motorbike trailer we use.  The loading ramp & centre rails on our trailer are too narrow for modern sportsbikes with wide radial tyres, but trail bikes & R/GS BMW's,fit well on it.  Increasingly thou we have paid Stewart to move bikes about, he's mastered the art of getting a big heavy bike up a ramp on his own & getting it ratchet strapped down securely & undamaged.

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