BMW i3 i8 330E ActiveHybrid 3/5 740/745E EME repair and testing.


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We are equipped for the repair and testing of BMW i3 i8 and 330/740/745E EME AC>DC inverter controller units..

These EME units are hard to diagnose in situ , "drive train errors are often attributed to a failed EME" when in fact a simple gearbox position sensor/actuator has failed.

Skem5 logic drive phase - duty cycle/load bench/earth leakage testing at 300 per unit.

Coolant leak down testing plus resealing service.

Repairs from 750 to 1450.



EME bench testing 300

KLE - AC/DC converter testing 250 - repairs 525 to 895

SME - HV High voltage basic control unit testing 200 - repairs 475



Please contact us on 01553 782929 and ask for Peter, Paul or David - should you require any further info on our repair/testing services.





Bosch part no: 0437508610 High voltage basic control unit.



Shipping weights: 

i3 EME 20kg

740/745 EME 14.5kg



Please remove metal mounting cage before shipping for testing and repair!







Common PCB Flexray failures

IGBT short to enclosure

BMW X5 upper coms PCB

Short to enclosure caused by too much electrical resistance in HV cables.



80amp "heat pump" fuses 30 (BMW do not sell these separately)


We can also offer main EM testing to stator motor coils - plus phase collective U~V~W testing.

We also offer a service for insulation testing HV cable sets to 2.000 GigaOhms @ 1000V .


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