VAG 1.6 TDi CR injectors


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2012 onwards VAG 1.6 TDi CR injectors fail wholesale.  We have seen loads of low mileage VW - Audi - Seat - Skoda with less than 30.000miles on the clock with failed injectors.  Limp mode - running on three cylinders - top speed 15mph.

Siemens Piezo injectors fitted to them are different to normal coil solenoid common rail injectors.  The top actuator is formed from 80 crystal sheets.  When a pulsed voltage is passed thru them - the crystals expand and open the diesel injector nozzle pintle via a little hydraulic pump inside the injector body.

Siemens and most other factors have withdrawn all of the recon stock due to warranty issues.

VAG group have not recalled these - Vosa are aware but as it is not a safety related problem - they are not inforcing a recall in the UK.

If you car is over three years old - you warranty will have expired.

We have sourced a limited supply of upgraded injectors to fit VAG 1.6 TDi CR engines.

These will carry a 24month 24000mile warranty if they are fitted by us in our workshop (PE301FB).

Cost (fitted and coded) is 660 per injector.




    We do sell the kit to the trade at a reduced cost with a reduced warranty.


    Please ring Peter on 01553 782929 if you have any questions?


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