Skoda Superb 2.0 Diesel heater problem fix.


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Skoda Superb cars fitted with a 2.0 ltr diesel engine and a DSG (direct shift gearbox) suffer problems with lack of heat from cold - the internal heater never discharges warm air.

This can be misdiagnosed as the main thermostat failing in the open position.  The probme is a poorly made water diverter valve attached to the DSG gearbox.

We have sourced an uprated valve and can fit this including labour and G12 longlife anti freeze at our workshop in King's Lynn PE301FB for 200.


We do sell the part required to enact the job - to the trade for 120 including UK postage.




 Please ring 01553 782929 and ask for Peter for more info!



Page updated 06-12-19