Renault Clio 3 & 4 Gearbox Problems


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Renault Clio 3 & 4 cars suffer gearbox problems relating to the down change syncro for second gear.

Sadly...  (Shamefully for Renault) this problem can occur with cars that have covered very low mileages.

Symptoms of this problem, are the downshift to second gear is OK when the engine is cold, but becomes difficult or impossible to select second gear when the engine is hot.

We have developed and engineered a solution for this problem.

Costs are:  250

We will need your car for only 6 hours to complete the repair (we have all the parts in stock to do the job).


The other option is a Renault supplied upgraded exchange JH3 gearbox, three part LUK clutch kit, three litres of special MTF fluid and labour to fit.  Giving a total of 1550.

If you buy and fit a secondhand gearbox it may have or get the same problem you are trying to resolve.


Any questions please ring Peter on 01553 782929



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