Mitsubishi-Fuso common ECU failure symptoms


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Mitsubishi-Fuso 3.0 Euro 4 trucks.  2005-2010 3C-11 3C-13 3C-15 trucks fitted with 4M42 engines, suffer P0101 no permanent air mass meter codes that will not erase, causing bad fueling and this faultcode will put on the engine management light.  Sometimes a engine coolant temp sensor fault will also show up and will not erase.  This is due to an internal ECU fault that can be repaired in house by us.

It is understood some software updates were available to Mitsubishi truck dealers via MUTS 3.  These software updates were to turn off the engine management light but never cured the fault and restored the fuel economy.  After 2010 when Merc dealers started selling Fuso trucks it is believed these software updates were withdrawn when Fuso diagnostics went from MUTS3 to Daz-Star.




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