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P1036 positive

P1102 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1105 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1107 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1110 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1115 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1117 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1119 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1121 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1123 Oxygen Sensor Heating

P1124 Oxygen Sensing

P1125 Oxygen Sensing

P1126 Oxygen Sensing

P1127 Oxygen Sensing

P1128 Oxygen Sensing

P1129 Oxygen Sensing

P1130 Oxygen Sensing

P1136 Oxygen Sensing

P1137 Oxygen Sensing

P1138 Oxygen Sensing

P1139 Oxygen Sensing

P1140 Load Signal

P1157 Engine Compartment Temperature

P1158 Engine Compartment Temperature

P1213 Fuel Injector Cylinder 1

P1214 Fuel Injector Cylinder 2

P1215 Fuel Injector Cylinder 3

P1216 Fuel Injector Cylinder 4

P1217 Fuel Injector Cylinder 5

P1218 Fuel Injector Cylinder 6

P1225 Fuel Injector Cylinder 1

P1226 Fuel Injector Cylinder 2

P1227 Fuel Injector Cylinder 3

P1228 Fuel Injector Cylinder 4

P1229 Fuel Injector Cylinder 5

P1230 Fuel Injector Cylinder 6

P1237 Fuel Injector Cylinder 1

P1238 Fuel Injector Cylinder 2

P1239 Fuel Injector Cylinder 3

P1240 Fuel Injector Cylinder 4

P1241 Fuel Injector Cylinder 5

P1242 Fuel Injector Cylinder 6

P1265 Airbag Signal

P1275 Oxygen Sensor Aging Ahead of Three Way Catalytic Converter

P1276 Oxygen Sensor Aging Ahead of Three Way Catalytic Converter

P1313 Misfire Cylinder 1 Emission Related

P1314 Misfire Cylinder 2 Emission Related

P1315 Misfire Cylinder 3 Emission Related

P1316 Misfire Cylinder 4 Emission Related

P1317 Misfire Cylinder 5 Emission Related

P1318 Misfire Cylinder 6 Emission Related

P1319 Misfire Emission Related

P1324 Timing Chain out of Position Bank 2

P1340 Timing Chain out of Position Bank 1

P1384 Knock Sensor 1

P1385 Knock Sensor 2

P1386 Knock Control Test Pulse

P1397 Camshaft Position Sensor 2

P1411 Secondary Air Injection System

P1455 A/C Compressor Control

P1456 A/C Compressor Control

P1457 A/C Compressor Control

P1458 A/C Compressor Signal

P1501 Fuel Pump Relay End-Stage

P1502 Fuel Pump Relay End-Stage

P1510 Idle Air Control Valve

P1513 Idle Air Control Valve

P1514 Idle Control Valve

P1515 Intake Manifold Resonance Flap

P1516 Intake Manifold Resonance Flap

P1524 Camshaft Adjustment Bank 2

P1530 Camshaft Adjustment Bank 1

P1531 Camshaft Adjustment Bank 1

P1539 Camshaft Adjustment Bank 2

P1541 Fuel Pump Relay End-Stage

P1551 Idle Air Control Valve

P1552 Idle Air Control Valve

P1553 Idle Air Control Valve

P1555 Charge Pressure Characteristics

P1556 Charge Deviations

P1557 Charge Deviations

P1570 Immobilizer

P1571 Immobilizer

P1585 Misfire With Empty Fuel Tank

P1593 Intake Manifold Length Tuning 2

P1594 Intake Manifold Length Tuning 2

P1595 Intake Manifold Length Tuning 2

P1600 Voltage Supply

P1601 Voltage Supply

P1602 Voltage Supply

P1610 MIL Activated Externally

P1611 MIL Activated Externally

P1614 MIL Activated Externally

P1640 Engine Control Module

P1656 Coolant Shutoff Valve

P1671 Engine Compartment Purge Fan End-Stage

P1673 Fan End-Stage

P1689 Engine Control Module

P1691 Malfunction Indicator Lamp

P1692 Malfunction Indicator Lamp

P1693 Malfunction Indicator Lamp

P1704 Kickdown Switch

P1710 Speed Signal Right Front

P1715 Speed Signal Left Front

P1744 Manual Program Switch

P1746 Control Unit Detective (Relay)

P1748 Control unit defective (Relay sticks)

P1749 Version coding

P1750 Voltage Supply Solenoid Valve Pressure Regulators 1

P1761 Shiftlock P/N

P1762 Shiftlock P/N

P1764 Instrument cluster triggering

P1765 Throttle-valve information error

P1770 Load signal from ECM

P1782 Engine Engagement

P1813 Pressure regulator 1

P1818 Pressure regulator 2

P1823 Pressure regulator 3

P1828 Pressure regulator 4